Friday, 30 December 2011


This is a first time thing, I've never blogged before, so when i was required to create a blog i was a little surprised. I normally don't write out what I do every day, and was ( and still am) always at a loss for words to what to say (like now). Creating a blog makes me feel I have a commitment to blog, and it has this sort of excitement of doing something new to it. My posts have an awkward feel to them, as like i said, this is new.

if I would blog every day, and blog about what I learn in school, one day, when I read this blog again, there would be a treasure trove of information in this blog here.

My first post :)

This was my first reaction when I saw my SST letter, i was genuinely shocked (like "What? Me?"), as I never expected that I would have a place there, even though i wanted to get in badly.