Sunday, 22 April 2012

Maths Statistics Journal

I think that statistics are important, we can make inferences and draw conclusions from them, like this taxi counting task. From the data collected, we inferred that the taxis that came to Eastpoint were enough of meet the demand of commuters.

I come across statistics often , from the newspapers and advertisements, which are usually used to promote an item or sell a service.

It can be used in Finances, to show the amount of money the company spent.

Also, it is used in the stock market, to show the increase and decrease in shares, and share prices. I would always see line graphs shown on BBC and CNN when my father checks the share prices.

During elections the results are done in a bar graph format too.

In research, like scientific studies, it helps to organize information. For example, in a drug study, we can use a bar graph to show the amount of patients that got well after taking the drug, or a line graph to show the patient's improvement.

But, if the statistics are inaccurate, it could lead to misunderstanding. For example, during an election, the votes could be counted wrongly, and that could lead to a wrong person being chose for MP or president.

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